Bastrop Swing Syndicate began with two homeschool moms, Julie Mills and Catherine Guy.  For Christmas 2014, we gave our older children the gift of swing lessons in Austin at the historic Texas Federation of Women's Clubs (also known as 'The Fed').  Our kids enjoyed it so much that they signed up for a second round of lessons and attended the weekly dances.  We were thrilled our children were developing a fun social skill that would last a lifetime, but we were not thrilled with driving to Austin and getting home close to midnight every week!

That's when we met Howard and Pamela.  They live and work in Austin, but own a home in Paige where they spend many of their weekends.  As it turns out, Howard is a former professional dance teacher - who specializes in swing!  He and Pamela graciously agreed to help us implement the idea of hosting swing lessons in Bastrop.  We sent out an email to all our friends and hoped enough people would sign up to make it worth their while.  To our surprise, we had over 40 kids sign up for that first round of lessons.  Howard and Pamela were so great with the kids, even the reluctant ones ended up loving it.  Thus began what has become a popular pastime for a growing number of Bastrop teens.  Average attendance for our dances is 60-100 kids.  We really enjoy this group of teens and their families and look forward to hosting many more dances and lessons for as long as there is interest.